T a n z t h e a t e r Adrian Look

T a n z t h e a t e r  Adrian Look (TAL), founded in 2014, is a London-based Dance Theatre Company with the artistic ambition of delivering excellence and innovation within dance theatre by extending the tradition of German Tanztheater.

 TAL is dedicated to beauty, credibility and depth.

Driven by the desire to create multilayered pieces about the absurdity of the human condition and the satirical portrayal of human interactions,
TAL's work focuses on how inner states are played out in social and psychological contexts.

T a n z t h e a t e r Adrian Look is interested in depicting the union of technical skill and emotionally expressive movement vocabulary.
In addition to sequences given by Choreographer Adrian Look the dancers are asked to create individual and authentic material by artistically answering questions as truthfully and uniquely as possible.
This approach uses dance, movement and action as tools for the visualisation of a state.
Partner work and the use of visual technology as an integral part of the performance aid to create a modern twist of the Tanztheater aesthetic driven by the subtle balance of humour and drama.

TAL embodies the concept that any action on stage should be experienced, not just presented.
Only through a performer’s truthful experience on stage can the artist create an inescapable allurement for the audience resulting in a performance that is not just observed but felt.
This philosophy makes TAL's work relatable and engaging.
We call this approach: Reality through experience


T a n z t h e a t e r Adrian Look have performed at Sadler's Wells (Lilian Baylis), Robin Howard Dance Theatre (The Place), Stratford Circus,
Waterloo Station, Bloomsbury Theatre and the Tate Modern.