T a n z t h e a t e r Adrian Look

T a n z t h e a t e r  Adrian Look  (TAL) 
is a London-based Dance Theatre Company with the artistic ambition of delivering excellence and innovation within dance theatre by extending the tradition of German Tanztheater
(Pina Bausch, Susanne Linke, Reinhild Hoffmann).


TAL is dedicated to beauty, credibility and depth.
Partner work is an essential part of TAL’s approach, which combines technical skill with emotionally expressive movement vocabulary.
The process of creation strives to go deep into the essence of movements and expression with the belief that “The essence of things lies in the detail.


TAL’s vision is to take the audience on a journey, unlocking the emotional core and powering purposeful movements in order to reach audiences hearts and minds.
The dancers are very much part of this process and are asked to create individual and authentic material.
TAL embodies the concept that ” If dancers truly want to touch an audience, they must experience the dance, not just present it.”

TAL's work tends to focus on how inner states are played out in social contexts.
We are also particularly interested in using technology within dance and in challenging genre distinctions between dance, film and theatre.

T a n z t h e a t e r Adrian Look have performed at Sadler's Wells (Lilian Baylis), Robin Howard Dance Theatre (The Place), Stratford Circus, Waterloo Station, Bloomsbury Theatre and the Tate Modern.